Joining Instructions

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Joining Instructions


The purpose of these instructions is to assist with preparation for your tour or training day. You are required to read these instructions carefully as they will help you to be fully prepared for your experience with Aussie Tagalong Tours.

We recommend that you bring this instruction guide with you, so you can refer to it during your travels.

General Conditions and Instructions

The conditions and instructions set out in the Joining Instructions applies to all tours, courses, activities, locations, accommodation, vehicles, trailers, equipment and any other person, object, item or participant involved with, operating with, or participating in, any tour or activity with or for Aussie Tagalong Tours.

Each participant is to act responsibly and in accordance with all Council, State, Territory and Federal Government laws and by-laws. Each participant is to make themselves familiar with all relevant rules and regulations applicable to the area the tour will pass through.

Aussie Tagalong Tours - Tour and Services Categories

Private Tours

Tours can be tailored to suit individuals, small or large groups, organisations, and social clubs like fishing, bird watching or fossicking. The schedule, itinerary, duration and destination will be by arrangement.

Aussie Tagalong Tours can arrange additional sightseeing options to ensure you get the best out of your adventure. Aerial flights, helicopter rides, ballooning can all be part of your experience. Along with boat trips, quad bikes and horse rides.

Camping equipment can also be supplied at a cost.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Cooper Creek camping at Windorah

Cooper Creek camping at Windorah

group tours at ATT

Group Tours

The schedule, itinerary, duration and destination is designed to take full advantage of the region. Each group tour has been meticulously planned to give you value for money.

Tours may be subject to change due to exceptional circumstance, weather, flood, fire or road closures.

By group agreement, tours may at times take advantage of opportunities that present. Aussie Tagalong Tours reserves the right to review or alter any decision on the tour destination due to workplace health and safety requirements, legal liability and insurance.

Camping equipment can be supplied at a cost.


Aussie Tagalong Tours takes advantage of a variety of accommodation types; under the stars, free camps, camp grounds, show grounds, caravan parks and bush camps.

Accommodation such as hotels and motels can be sourced on request at a cost.


tour routes


A list of suggested equipment required for your tour will be provided during the booking process.

Camping equipment can be provided at a cost. However, Aussie Tagalong Tours suggest that you may wish to acquire your own equipment as once you complete your travel, we are sure you will want to continue camping and use the equipment again and again.

Showers, Toilets and Ablution facilities

Showers and toilets of various types are available each night.

Ablution facilities will be available at all night stops.

For those areas where there is no toilet, there will be a number of portable camping toilets provided for number twos only.

tour routes

Routes and daily schedule

Aussie Tagalong Tours are meticulously planned to ensure you get the most from your travel. Each itinerary has information specific to the particular tour you are joining. Be aware that your itinerary can be subject to change. We advise participants that locations, timings and distances stated on this website are indicative only and should be used only as a guide.

Regardless of the destination, duration or type of Aussie Tagalong Tour you join, the following daily time schedule applies;

  • Your Aussie Tagalong Tour guide will keep you up-to-date with daily briefings, starting with the detailed Pre-Tour brief. Daily briefings have an informal approach and are designed to ensure you are fully informed about the days’ activities.
  • Daily tour briefing are COMPULSORY. If a briefing is missed your Aussie Tagalong Tour guide must be consulted before the participant can continue on the tour.
  • Tours cover a daily distance of approximately 150 – 300 km or 100 – 200 miles in the old scale. This allows plenty of time to stop and take in the sights. Each tour will have one long day that exceeds the 300 km limit to experience the vastness of our country.


7:00am – 9:00am Rise, morning ablution, breakfast, clean-up, pack-up and participate in the Emu-bob of the camp site.
(Note: Departure times will change due to distance, road and weather conditions.)
9:00 am – 2:00pm Days Travelling – Smoko 10am and lunch 12:00 noon
2:00pm – 3:00pm Set-up camp, clean-up and participate in the Emu-bob of the camp site.
3:00pm – 4:00pm Individual time
4:00pm – 5:00pm Happy hour
5:00pm – 6:00pm Evening meal


Aussie Tagalong Tours focus on building your confidence and skills to safely operate your vehicle. We recommend that participants use their own vehicles where possible. If you do not have a suitable vehicle, arrangements can be made to provide a vehicle at a cost.

Prior to all Aussie Tagalong Tours tour departures, a vehicle check will be conducted by an accredited motor mechanic to ensure it is suitable for the terrain. Participants are required to bring with them documentation showing the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the vehicles maintenance and service book.

If the vehicle is not up-to-date with the service requirements and is deemed unsuitable to undertake the tour the participant will have 12 hours to rectify the issues, before being asked to withdraw from the tour.  Please refer to our refund policy.



Safety equipment

For safety, your vehicle should be fitted with UHF two-way radio.

Hand held two-way radios can be purchased or hired at a cost.

Your vehicle should also have a “C” class 4G phone.

Your vehicle must carry;

  • A first aid kit.
  • Sufficient fuel to reach each stop. (Aussie Tagalong Tours can offer information on refuelling stops).
  • Sufficient water for drinking and washing.
  • Basic recovery equipment (consult with Aussie Tagalong Tour guide).
  • Sufficient camping equipment (a suggested camping list can be found at reference F).

Aussie Tagalong Tour Capacities

A vehicle = a vehicle with one driver and one passenger.

Additional passengers = any person additional to the one driver and one passenger per vehicle

Adult = any passenger over 12 years.

Child = any passenger between 2 and 12 years.

Number of vehicles; Aussie Tagalong Tours has a minimum of 3 vehicles and a maximum of 10 vehicles excluding the tour guide vehicle.

Duration;  the first day includes meet and greet, vehicle inspection and administration day.  The days between first and last will be travelling or local tour days. For example a twelve day tour includes 12 days travel or local sightseeing and 1 days administration. Day 0 is a free day on Aussie Tagalong Tours.




There are a number of catering options available;

Private Tours; catered as requested.

Self-Catering; participants carry and cook their own food, BBQ and cooking utensils.

Fully Catered; Aussie Tagalong Tours provide meals as set out in the tour itinerary.

Shared Catering; Aussie Tagalong Tours provide food, BBQ and cooking utensils, participants are involved with preparation and clean-up.

Establishment catered; where possible dining at hotels, clubs, caravan parks and roadhouses. We can also arrange catering to be provided at the camp site.

Where applicable, irrespective of the catering method, participants are required to assist with catering, which includes cooking, cleaning, setting-up and packing-up.

Workplace Health and Safety

The Aussie Tagalong Tour guide vehicle is equipped with the following safety accessories;

GPS Satelite Navigation

  • Garmin
  • Hema Navigator HN7
  • Hema Explorer for Android
  • CFA GPS Mapping and Navigation.


  • UHF radios
  • HF radio – Australian Outback 4 WD and remote area (Not for Cape York Tours).
  • Satellite telephone
  • GSM mobile telephones
  • Emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB)

Medical kit

40 litre refrigerator freezer

Additional 80 litre water

Additional 20 litres of fuel

Comprehensive recovery equipment

Cooking facilities

health and safety

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